The evidence that shows Eleanor de Freitas was guilty of lying.

1. Eleanor de Freitas bought SEX TOYS with me the day AFTER the alleged 'rape' - all caught on CCTV.

Watch as Eleanor purchases £340 of sex toys with myself the morning AFTER the alleged attack. She chooses all the items whilst I watch. You can read about this crazy shopping trip by clicking here.

2. Eleanor de Freitas sent messages to a friend saying "We've had huge fun together" a few hours after the alleged attack.

A conversation between Eleanor de Freitas and a 3rd party the morning after the alleged rape. Starts from bottom of page.

3. Director of Public Prosecutions said there was CCTV and text messages which showed Ms de Freitas had lied.

"it is clear there was sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction for perverting the course of justice. This was evidence including text messages and CCTV footage that directly contradicted the account Ms de Freitas gave to the police. This was not assumption based on her behaviour or actions which fall into myths and stereotypes about how alleged rape victims should behave. It was on this basis that we concluded that there was a realistic prospect of proving that the rape allegation made by Ms de Freitas was false..."


4. In a letter to David de Freitas the Director of Public Prosecutions says there were 10 pieces of evidence that contradicted the account she gave to police.

Below is a page three of a letter from the Director of Public Prosecutions to David de Freitas written in December 2014 explaining the evidence in the case. See bottom paragraph which confirms there were 10 pieces of evidence.

If you wish to see the full letter please click here.

5. Attorney General: It was RIGHT to prosecute Eleanor de Freitas.

Commenting on his decision, the Attorney General said:

"I recognise that this was a difficult case with a tragic outcome and I extend my deepest sympathies to Mr De Freitas and his family. However, I have carefully considered the concerns raised by Mr De Freitas and I am satisfied that this case has already been subject to extensive scrutiny within the CPS, and that it was right for the prosecution to go ahead".
Click here to see official statement of Attorney General

6. Psychiatric report of Eleanor de Freitas

Before she was taken to court Eleanor de Freitas was deemed fit to stand trial by a psychiatrist, who also said that she was extremely intelligent and knew what she was doing at the time of making the false allegation. Click here to view the full report.

7. Ms de Freitas lived a double life as a prostitute and was well versed at the art of deception.

It was after discovering this website, that I broke off the relationship. Eleanor was in fact living a double life as a prostitute. She was living with her parents in Fulham but they had no clue. This is an example of how cunning and deceptive she was to those around her. Far from being "vulnerable" she was someone who enjoyed money and living the high life, all whilst lying constantly to those around her.

Click here to read about when I discovered Eleanor was an escort.

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