Timeline of events

December 23, 2012
Alexander Economou and Eleanor de Freitas go on a first date and spend the night together. They have consensual sex.

December 24, 2012
Alexander finds websites showing that Eleanor is leading a double life as a prostitute and calls off the relationship.

December 26th, 2012
Eleanor starts spreading rumours to Alexander's friends that he did something nasty to her. Alexander tells her to stop or he will report her for harassment.

January 4, 2013 
Eleanor walks into Chelsea Police Station and falsely accuses Alexander of rape. He is arrested interviewed and bailed. Alexander hires lawyers to collect evidence proving his innocence.

February 20, 2013
Police tell Alexander that they will not be bringing any charges of rape against him.

August 13, 2013
Alexander commences a private prosecution against Eleanor for perverting the course of justice.

December 5, 2013
The case is taken on by the Crown Prosecution Service, who agree that Eleanor has lied and continue the prosecution against her. Her trail is set for 7th April 2014 at Southwark Crown Court.

April 4, 2014
Eleanor kills herself three days before she was due to stand trial.

November 6, 2014
Eleanor's father, David de Freitas launches a press campaign, falsely accusing Alexander of raping his daughter.

December 9, 2014
The Director of Public Prosecutions (Alison Saunders), makes a statement confirming there was strong evidence to show Miss de Freitas was lying. However Mr de Freitas continues to assert that his daughter was raped by Alexander.

March 10, 2015
Because Mr de Freitas won't stop, Alexander issues defamation proceedings against David de Freitas for making false statements to the press.

March 17, 2015
A coroner records a verdict of suicide at Ms' de Freitas inquest.

December 9, 2015
Alexander is charged with alleged harassment of Miss de Freitas’s father David, in relation to setting up a website proving his innocence and thus showing Eleanor was a liar.

May 26-27, 2016
Alexander stands trial for the alleged harassment of David de Freitas, at Westminster Magistrates Court.

June 2, 2016
Alexander is found not guilty of the harassment of David de Freitas. The judge accepts that he genuinely wanted to "set the record straight" and was a man "wrongly accused".

June 13-21, 2016
Alexander's defamation proceedings against Mr de Freitas begin at the High Court, London.

July 27, 2016
Alexander loses his defamation case, even though the judge agrees David de Freitas press campaign was "seriously defamatory" and caused "serious harm" to Alexander's reputation. This is a legal first.

December 18, 2016
The court of appeal accepts the judge might have got things wrong and Alexander is granted permission to appeal the defamation judgement.

March, 2017
Police Officers to face misconduct hearing for ignoring CCTV and text message evidence which showed Ms de Freitas had lied.

April 17-18, 2018
Alexander's appeal of the libel judgement is heard over two days.

June 26th, 2018
Attorney General Jeremy Wright QC MP says it was right for the prosecution of Eleanor de Freitas to go ahead.

November 21st, 2018
Alexander loses his defamation case in the Court of Appeal on the basis of Mr de Freitas 'free speech rights', even though the court agree Mr Economou suffered serious harm on the back of five defamatory statements. It is a controversial judgement.

January 7th, 2019
David de Freitas bankrupts Alexander over a demand for £2m.

February 21st, 2019
Metropolitan Police pay Alexander £10,000 in compensation for ignoring vital CCTV and text message evidence that showed he was innocent.

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