Wednesday 17 May 2023

Nina Cresswell: Another feminist peddling false information about the Eleanor de Freitas case.

Here we go again. Another feminist jumping on the bandwagon. In the last few weeks Nina Cresswell has been making false statements on social media and in various news interviews, implying that Eleanor de Freitas was a victim of rape.

Yet again I had to write to these news publications, asking for corrections.

I have no idea who Nina Cresswell is, other than she recently won a court case regarding an allegation of rape, evolving someone she met on a night out. I know this, because she has been writing about her victory on the internet and doing a large number of press interviews.

Now, for some bizarre reason she is writing about my case, and making comparisons. Not only is she bringing up my case, she is making false statements about it.

Nina, if you're reading this post, please leave me alone. You have no idea about my case, you don't know me, you never met Eleanor, and by making false statements you are not assisting your own credibility.

The facts are, both the Attorney General and Director of Public Prosecutions have found that it was correct to prosecute Ms de Freitas and they spent a very long time going through all the evidence. 

The coroner, in High Court documents, also remarked that the motive of suicide could also have been caused or contributed by her problematic relationship with her parents, which was extensively documented in various medical records including a lengthy psychiatric report.

Nina Cresswell

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