Wednesday 3 May 2023

Eleanor de Freitas: "I can be Machiavellian and plotting if I need to be"

Ten years on, various charities and activists continue to pump out the false narrative that Eleanor de Freitas was a "helpless victim", who was "vulnerable" and was "driven to her death" by the court processes. 

It is misleading, confuses the public, and implies wrongdoing by me. 

The facts are: Eleanor was a narcissist, who's mental health issues stemmed from her problematic relationship with her parents. She made false allegations as a form of revenge, when I rejected her (after I found out she was a prostitute).

The 2013 psychiatric report of Dr Rogers, which was referred to at the 2015 inquest, clearly backs up everything I say. 

Some extracts from the report:

Page 7:   "[I can be] Machiavellian and plotting if I need to be".

Page 8: She describes having regular suicidal feelings, which lead to "will writing" and "numerous expression of suicidal distress," and some of these occasions had represented "angry gestures towards her parents".

Page 13: Psychiatrist remarks: "In her themes of speech, there were occasions when she was self aggrandising.... I found her somewhat boastful, for example her intellect, achievements or general superiority. She described herself as a gifted child. She was somewhat dismissive of those she considered inferior to her".

EDF: "I can be Machiavellian and plotting if I need to be".

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