Thursday, 4 August 2022

David de Freitas fighting bankruptcy proceedings over £130,812.26 in unpaid taxes going back to 1998.


David de Freitas is in a battle with HMRC over an unpaid tax bill of £130,812.26, dating back to 1998 and relates to tax years 1998/99 to 2000/2001 and 2005/06 to 2015/16.

On the 4th of August 2022, Judge Passfield, sitting at the High Court, ordered Mr de Freitas to pay £130,812.26 by no later than the 4th November and saying:

'In the circumstances, it is very unlikely that the court will be prepared to grant any further adjournment at the next hearing of the Petition, which I will duly mark as final'.

Paragraph 7 of the judgement says: Since at least the 1998/99 tax year, David de Freitas has carried on business as a financial planner on a self-employed basis. 

But how can this man be allowed to give financial planning advice to people, when he doesn't even pay his own taxes? In my opinion, this is further evidence that David de Freitas is a dishonest man.

The judgement can be found here.