Wednesday, 1 June 2022

Congratulations Johnny Depp on his case against Amber Heard!

It's about time that men started to stand up for themselves when faced with false allegations, and I am very pleased that Mr Depp took the risk and won.

Quite frankly, I have had enough of all this me-too nonsense. Every week we have to read how men are the enemy, and how every man is a rapist. No. This is completely wrong.

The truth is Amber Heard is a malicious liar. She tried to ruin Mr Depp's life making false accusations, and it royally backfired.

When I watched Heard give evidence (via live stream) she reminded me of Eleanor de Freitas: Intelligent, yet calculating and utterly wicked.

Throughout Mr Depp's case, Heard tried every trick in the book to twist around the facts, just like Eleanor did to me. It really outraged me, and I am so pleased this innocent man has won. 

Johnny Depp is the real victim.

At the end of the day these liars only have themselves to blame for the mess they created. Remember, they could have retracted at anytime, instead they chose to keep lying. 

And it is lairs like Amber Heard and Eleanor de Freitas that cause major problems for the real victims of abuse, because they are less likely to be believed. Shame on them.

Well done Johnny. Keep on rockin'. Victory to justice and truth!