Friday 3 July 2020

Online video of Eleanor de Freitas emerges showing her true colours

Last week I was having a look at the website analytics for this blog. As I was looking through the data I noticed that someone had visited an online video  before visiting my blog. I went online to see why online traffic was coming from this source. 
It was in fact a video of Eleanor de Freitas, which explains the connection to my own blog. The video was titled "posh British escort shagged for cash".
In the December 2012 blog entries, I explained it was when I discovered Ms de Freitas was an escort that I broke off the relationship. She got angry and then made a false accusation as an act of revenge.
For many years, I was accused by her family and various feminists (Julie Bindel,  Harriet Wistrich, Lisa Avalos) that I was lying about this and making it up to upset the family. 
Well, now I have video evidence of Eleanor talking into camera confirming that she was indeed a prostitute, proving that I was telling the truth all along.
Below: A screenshot from the video I found. 
Note: I have not re-published the actual video nor have I linked to it. At all times Eleanor de Freitas was aware she is being filmed on the video, consents to being filmed and authorized it's publication online. It is clearly a business transaction in which she was paid. I have no involvement with the publication or any re-publication of this video and am merely speaking about its existence and how it relates to my legal case involving her. This is not entirely new information, Eleanor de Freitas escorting has been discussed since 2015 by the national press, and is already in the public domain for example.