Monday, 7 January 2019

David de Freitas bankrupts me.

Six seeks weeks ago I lost my appeal (in the court of appeal) which meant I had to pay David de Freitas legal costs. The judge ordered me to pay an "interim payment" of £400,000 by the 19th December 2018, but I had run out of money.

Mr de Freitas legal bill is probably somewhere around £1.8m. I didn't make the payment of £400,000 so David de Freitas applied to have me bankrupted and that's what has happened. It's no secret, the bankruptcy is being advertised in the Gazette as with all bankrupts, so might as well put it here as part of the narrative.

I've moved out of my flat I lived in for 19 years and now living in a rental. That flat will be sold to pay off Mr de Freitas legal bill. It's all a bit sad, but it can't get any worse than this. There is nothing to lose at this stage.

Overcoming setbacks and making comebacks are what makes life interesting, so even though I should be depressed I am actually pretty upbeat and excited about the future. It only gets better from here.  Bring on 2019!

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  1. I and others have watched your ordeal with some degree of relief, that a falsely accused man was at last getting a small measure of justice after fighting back against the pitchfork and torch mob.

    Obviously, EdF killing herself before the trial was tragic for her father and grief drives men to extremes. Perhaps one day you might find it in your heart to forgive him for continuing to slander your innocence.

    Pop round to mensrights on reddit, provide some measure of proof that you are indeed AE and you may find that many there will be willing and ready to help you including myself.