Saturday, 18 August 2018

Metropolitan Police offer me £10,000 in compensation, but they don't want anyone to know about it.

Good news. The tide is turning.

The Metropolitan Police have offered me £10,000 in compensation. But they want to keep it confidential. [Scroll down to see their letter].

I have told them that their attempts to gag me are unacceptable and any settlement needs to be widely publicised. The offer of compensation is to do with the very serious misconduct of Detective Inspector Julian King and Detective Constable Phil Dial in which they:

- Both refused to watch CCTV evidence I provided them with, and never looked at text messages that showed Eleanor de Freitas had lied.

- Both knew that Eleanor de Freitas had a history of making false rape complaints, but let her get away with it.

- I am also suing for breaches of the data protection act in which the police released confidential information to 3rd parties without my consent.

I have told the police that if they want to settle, then there can't be confidentiality... or we'll go to trial where the full details of the misconduct will be aired in court and widely reported in the press.

They have no choice, the full details will be coming out one way or another. And quite rightly. It's important people know the truth about this case. The police are the bad guys who are guilty of misconduct and that's a fact.

The thing I'm quite chuffed about is that I don't have any lawyers at the moment because I've run out of money. I am actually suing the police as a litigant in person and the police are already sending me offers to settle, just 3 months after I issued my claim. That's because I've got rock solid evidence.

Last year, the Daily Mail briefly reported the Police Misconduct. Click here to see the article. The officers are still under investigation by the IPCC and are facing a misconduct hearing at some point in the future. The outcome of that investigation is not yet known and that procedure is separate from my case against the police. Both officers were unavailable for comment, but have previously denied the allegations made against them and continue to do so.

As well as receiving compensation from the police, it is possible that the officers will face disciplinary action if they are found guilty.

Feeling good. Things are moving in the right direction.