Wednesday 9 January 2013

Text messages from Ellie: "We've had huge fun together"

I was talking to my friend Ben about the allegations one evening and he said out of the blue "Oh I think I have some text messages that could be helpful for your case".

"What are you talking about?", I exclaimed?

Ben had known about the allegations for days but had not said anything about these text messages. He's a very casual relaxed character and I guess it didn't click that he had some important evidence sitting on his phone until now.

We arranged to meet that evening. I told him not to lose his phone and that he had my life in his hands. I was so nervous. He had told me a little about these messages but I had to see them for myself.

Apparently Ellie had been messaging him whilst she was in my flat and I only just found out about this now.

My heart was beating so fast all day. I couldn't wait to see the messages for myself. I also needed to make copies and to take a video asap, in case his phone got stolen. We needed copies.

We met up at 8pm that evening and he scrolled through the text message conversation he had had with Ellie. I couldn't believe it. She message him from m flat, the morning after the alleged rape saying "Yes I like Ec, a good match" and later said "we have had huge fun together", when we ere shopping in Ann Summers. All of these messages were the morning after the alleged incident.

This is the actual transcript of the messages: (some names have been changed)


24th December 2012

ELLIE: FYI, I am at Ec’s flat, still!!

ELLIE: Please don’t tell him I told you

BEN: Just texted him about NYE. Great news. You two are the most mischievous people I know!

ELLIE: Hahaha yes you are talking about H and her lack of invitation. I am coming along with 5 bottles of decent prosecco and Twister to play whilst drunk, and whoever loses has to do a dare! I finish work at 6 so I’ll just walk along. Yes I like Ec, a good match…. we shall see what happens

BEN: Amazing! That’s fantastic news. He’s a total hero you guys would have huge fun together. See you NYE. At Gatwick currently. Off to Biarritz and 70 degrees xx

ELLIE: We’ve had huge fun together actually and we are still together doing last-minute Christmas shopping

ELLIE: We’ve had huge fun together actually and we are still together doing last-minute Christmas shopping

ELLIE: BIG THANKS for sort – of being matchmaker. Although keep it on the down-low if you don’t mind?

BEN: Cool. Would be happy development. Know what you mean about shopping, just did mine, nothing says I love you like an airport gift! Xx

BEN: I won’t tell

1st January 2013

BEN: You were HILARIOUS last night. I don’t think I have ever seen you so drunk. And thanks for our chat (not that you will remember it!). How’s the head?! Xxx

BEN: Err yep! Have apologised to Antony for pelting him with Tomatoes. You get home ok? Xx

ELLIE: Just went to Hen’s to pick up my champagne glasses. I had to explain to her why the balcony was covered in tomatoes. Yes got home and was tucked in bed before 2am! A new record! Would be great if you could work on Ec. Our chat last night basically was about how many people he’s fallen out with. I don’t want to be one of them. Also I promise I would be a fun guest at his country house… regardless I’d like him as a friend, now I’m single, 22 ½ and older and wiser xx

BEN: Will try wouldn’t be too hopeful though. Xx

ELLIE: I think I just probably just need to do a grown up and pacifying reply to his not very-nice email. Don’t worry, but it would be good to have you on side. Can’t turn back the hands of time, but it takes two to tango. Xx

BEN: Love the mixed metaphors! Shall give it a shot for you. xx

January 2nd 2013

ELLIE: Actually please scrap that. I can’t do it. Thank you anyway. xx


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