Sunday, 30 November 2014

Mail On Sunday: Time to fight back

I had had enough.

Three weeks ago Mr de Freitas had accused me of rape.

I tried to make peace and explain that there had been "wires crossed" but his lawyers ignored me.

Then he had gone and made a report of harassment against me.

Fine then. I am going to the press and I am going to tell my side of the story. I am going to tell the truth and it's not going to paint a pretty picture.

I was so nervous when I met the reporter from the Mail on Sunday. I had never done a press interview before. The day before I had bought a suit especially for the occasion, for there would be photographer taking pictures of me for the article as well. I didn't really want my photo in the press but no photo = no interview.

We met at Soho Hotel in London where the Mail on Sunday had rented a suite, she turned on her tape recorder and I spoke for almost five hours non stop telling her my story. It was so nice for someone to listen to my side of the story. My lawyer was also there to show her the evidence.

When I got to the part about Eleanor being an escort she said "I know, the editor already knows." Wow, these newspapers are clever. But it was still very much under the radar in the press, no one was reporting on that aspect of the case.

My main goal was to clear my name, and for them to publish some of the Ann Summers CCTV. that would be amazing.

The following day I met the Mail on Sunday photographer and we went to Kensington Gardens to take some photos by the fountains. He was so nice to me, very understanding. I remember that day well. It was almost December but it was a beautiful Autumn day.

Everything was complete, the interview was done and the pictures taken. I had to wait just two days  and the whole world would know I was innocent.

The night before the article was due to come out I checked into a hotel. I didn't want to be at home in case reporters came round. They had come round to my flat (and also my office) before and it was really intimidating.

I had booked the presidential suite at this swanky hotel near the airport, all booked on air miles which i had yet to put to good use. The room had a separate living room and the most amazing bathroom with stand alone bather, steam room and shower.  I spent the entire evening in a  bathrobe lounging around ordering room service. It was so nice to finally unwind before the story came out. For the first time in weeks I was feeling relaxed.

In the morning millions of people around the country would be waking up to my story both in print and online.

At 9.59pm I received a text message. The story was live! A friend had just seen the story on the MailOnline website and it was at the very top of the webpage. I couldn't believe it.

I spoke to many people that evening, with each person congratulating me. The story explained that there was evidence to show that Eleanor was guilty and had in fact been leading a double life as an escort.

I slept like a log. I slept so well. Finally I was vindicated.

In the morning I felt normal again, after weeks of continuous stress. I couldn't wait to see the hard copy version in the Mail on Sunday.

This is a picture of me reading the Mail on Sunday article at the breakfast table of the hotel.

Reading the Mail on Sunday article at breakfast.

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