Monday, 18 February 2013

CCTV shows Ellie and I buying SEX TOYS morning AFTER the alleged attack.

Several weeks ago we had written to Ann Summers asking if they could provide a copy of the CCTV from their shop showing Ellie and and I shopping together for sex toys.

This was really important evidence. It shows that contrary to what Ellie had told the police she was not under any duress, she was in fact buying sex toys with her "attacker" the day after the supposed attack.

The CCTV shows that she was not "groggy" or throwing up the morning after our date, like she claimed.

It shows her buying dildos, lube and other sex toys.

Laughing and smiling and having fun.

I couldn't believe it when my lawyer called me into her office to view the CCTV. Ann Summers had given us a copy without much fuss. This was it.

This was all the evidence I needed to show that this rape accusation was nothing but a pack of lies.

This is a 5 minute version for easy viewing (we were in there for 25mins).

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