Thursday 3 January 2013

Ellie apologises to me

I speak to my friend Tina on the phone.

During this 20 minute phone call to Tina I find out the extent of Ellie's lies. That's all we speak about. The lies are so awful, that Tina even admits that she was avoiding me and intended not to see me again because of what Ellie has told her. Until now it was unclear what Ellie had been alleging but now it was crystal clear. I am beyond angry at this stage.

Ellie has been going round to my friends is imply that I raped her. Shortly after this phone call I receive an email from Ellie saying:


From: Eleanor de Freitas
Date: Thursday, 3 January 2013 at 18:07
To: Alexander Economou
Subject: <no subject>

I'm going to say it now, so I never have to regret not saying it, or not saying how I feel about you: I'm sorry for any trouble that I have caused you. I really miss the old Alex, and I hope I will talk to / bump into him someday.

'Regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable.'

Sydney J Harris

I wish you love, luck, happiness and friendship.


But it's too late the damage has been done. Rumours are now spreading around my friends and she needs to be stopped. She is delusional, we are definitely not getting back together. I speak to another friend that evening and she tells me that Ellie has been threatening to go to the police. I contact lawyers and seek advice. I want this to stop. I want these lies to stop spreading around my friends. I am fuming with anger.

It's been almost 10 days of lies and I have had enough. Tomorrow I am going to take legal action.