Thursday 1 January 2015

Truth Exposed: I publish the evidence online

It was clear that Mr de Freitas was never going to stop going to the press. He was going to keep publishing lies about me.

I spent new years eve 2014/15 on my own. I had a little dinner at a friends house and then around 1030 pm I went back home. I didn't feel like celebrating, it had been a hard couple of months. I just wanted to be peacefully at home with my hot chocolate in front of my gas fire place and TV.

I got a pen and paper and I decided what I wanted out of the year ahead.

I decided to do two things:

1. I was going to create a website that published the CCTV, text messages, escort images and other information to show the truth in the situation.

2. To sue Mr de Freitas for libel and get a gagging order to prevent him repeating his lies. If he wanted to to call it a truce and stop lying then I would stop my action. Otherwise this was going to trial.

The following day, I went to my office and I set up the website. I'm ok with websites, so it didn't take me too long to create.  I uploaded the CCTV, the text message evidence, the pictures of sex toys and images from the tantric temple. My website also had accompanying text to explain the context and to give some form of narrative.

As far as I was concerned this was freedom of speech. Mr de Freitas had lied and this was the truth. Everything that i was saying was the truth and no one could show the contrary.

I also uploaded the CCTV to Youtube and some other video sites to get maximum coverage.

If you've been accused of rape in the media then trust me, you would do the same to prove your innocence. Here's a little screen shot of the front page of the website:

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