Sunday 16 November 2014

Trying to make peace with David de Freitas but he and his lawyers ignore me

I never wanted to go to the press. I never wanted any attention or focus on me.

When David de Freitas went to the press I wrote him a letter warning him to stop. I asked him to stop and wrote to his lawyers.

I could have gone to the press and revealed the truth abut his daughter being a liar and a prostitute but I didn't. I gave him a chance to calm down and to stop spreading lies. It was in both our interests for the press to die down.

Unfortunately he and his lawyers weren't having any of it. All they had to do was to call it peace and we could both get on with our lives. But no.

I didn't even want to take legal action at this stage. Even though he had accused me of rape I was still willing to let to go... as long as he promised to stop making any further false accusations.

Here's is an email chain between me and his lawyer Harriet Wistrich. She never got back to me...


-----Original Message-----
From: Alexander Economou
Sent: 14 November 2014 17:37
To: Harriet Wistrich
Subject: Eleanor de Freitas case

Dear Harriet,

I was the prosecutor on this case. Your office gave me this email address. I called earlier.

I know the family hate me, but please could we have a dialogue? I think there's been some wires crossed and I would like to give you some info to help the media situation for us both. I can't help thinking they don't know the full picture. As the prosecutor I can tell you pretty much everything you want to know to fill in the gaps.

Can we have a telephone chat at some point? Would this be ok? My number is 07XXXXX.

Kind regards,



On 16 Nov 2014, at 10:35, Harriet Wistrich  wrote:

Dear Alex

Could you explain to me what you mean by "help the media situation fo us both"?




On 16/11/2014, 12:45, Alexander Economou  wrote:

Hi Harriet,

And thank you for you reply, it is very much appreciated. Please if I could just give you some information.

The police are currently under investigation at the moment regarding a complaint I made in February 2013 (which they are re-investigating) and the IPCC are also investigating another complaint I made in July 2014.

I will forward you the IPCC letters now. I will also fwd you a letter from the CPS, just so you know that what the IPCC letter contains is true.

I sent a paralegal to visit the court on 24th January 2014. He took an attndence note which I will forward to you. You will see that it was the police who were refusing to co-operate with the CPS when it came to the unsued. What were the police hiding? A couple of years ago EDF had made a seperate false allegation of rape agaiant another man, and the police took no action that time. As a result she went on to falsely accuse me of rape. The police did not disclose this info when the CPS were considering taking over the case, they went on the evidence alone. It was only after the polcie had to hand over unused evidence that the CPS found out about this. That first report of rape was very obviously false (as per polcie documents) and the CPS were going to use that at trial.

When you look at the EBR attridges file you will see that EDF was trying to do a deal with the CPS to plead guilty to wasting polcie time and the CPS said no. The evidence was overwhelming. That morning she killed herself her lawyers told her to plead guilty. Kaim Todner had also told her to plead guilty.

The medical reports are extremely damning. They both call her a manipulative and sophisticated liar.

At the moment the press seems to think there is “no evidence” when I have in my possetion CCTV on 5 cameras showing EDF and I buying £340 sex toys for 25 minutes AFTER the alledged incidenct. As well as statements from 20 other people, 6 phone reports etc etc.

Right now I have been labelled a rapist by David De Freitas. I have to defend myself ok? I will be compelled to release the Ann Summers CCTV in due course as well as photos of all the sex toys which are official exhibits etc etc. Note the CCTV was collected by my defence lawyers so I can release it at any time and there are no legal issues.

In the Daily Mail David De Freitas says that I was “harssing” and sending him constant texts and voicemails. It couldn’t be firther from the truth, in fact I have a recording of the police, saying exactly the opposite! In that recording the polcie state EDF and the father were making a false harssment report to de-rail the private prosecution.

I will now fwd you a number of documents to show you what I am saying is true.

Kind regards,



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