Tuesday 18 November 2014

Death threat and more false harassment accusations made against me

Never have I been so stressed out in my entire life than the last couple of weeks.

I was so full of nervous energy, I could not stop moving. I was walking or running 15 miles per day.

I was a total wreck.

The blast of press occurred on the 6th and 7th of November, but in the age of Google it doesn't go away.

All of David de Freitas lies are online. People are quoting him from his Radio interview.

There are thousands upon thousands of comments on various web forums talking about how Eleanor is the victim, when in reality I am the victim not her.

I had just landed in Athens, Greece. I was not on holiday but had to go a for a business meeting the next day. The trip had already been cancelled due to my stress levels.

I got to my hotel room and my mobile rang. It was pretty late, around 10pm.

It was my stepmother. She explained that my father and her had received a lengthy letter from someone anonymous saying "he is a dead man walking" and threatening my family with rape and possible death.

Just what we needed. My stepmother reported it to the police as a precaution.

The next day after my business meeting the phone rang again. It was the Police. I was surprised at how quickly they had come back me regarding the death threat.

But no. It wasn't about the death threat. It was about me.


Mr de Freitas had reported me for harassment.

What the hell was going on???

He had gone to the press saying that I had raped his daughter. In response to his press I had written him a single letter asking him to stop. This was not a case of harassment.

Here's the letter I wrote that he complained about:


From: Alexander Economou
Date: Thursday, 6 November 2014 at 21:04
To: David De Freitas

Dear Mr De Freitas,

The CPS evidence is:

- 25 mins of CCTV of her and I in Ann Summers at 11:30am 24 December 2012. Captured on 6 cameras in full colour high res. Cameras shows us kissing, laughing and buying £340 of sex toys which we leave with. Four large carrier bags of sex toys.

- Forensically downloaded phones of 3rd parties which show her to have sent messages from my flat at 9am 24th December which say "I really like him" and "we had huge fun together"

- Forensically downloaded phone messages of 3rd parties which show her to have said on 25th December 2012 "I hate him right now" and "he won’t see me"

- A confession email to me on 3rd January saying "I am sorry for the trouble I have caused you" [referring to her lies]

- She had also made a false rape complaint against another man in similar circumstances which was part of the evidence.

- Half a dozen websites that show your daughter providing "massage services" from 2010, which I attach. This can be confirmed by forensically downloaded phone reports which contain messages that tell me "I am at the house of a madam". One hour of CCTV in Harrods (from 30 cameras in full colour) show her to be spending thousands of pounds in cash. She had wads of cash.

- Please note that there is currently an ongoing IPCC investigation into Police Misconduct with regards to them not investigating properly. This is still open and not concluded. I have communicated with the IPCC as recently as yesterday about this.

Please be aware that I am the victim of a very serious crime. Any press or statements that show the opposite of the facts or that name me will be taken very seriously and legal action will be taken. I will be meeting my lawyers first thing tomorrow.

If you make any further comment twisting the facts then I will say this: "Eleanor de Freitas and I went on a date. The following day I performed some internet searches and found out she was a prostitute. At 6:30pm on 24th December I told her I didn’t want to see her. She then got very upset. Between 24th December and 4th January she pleaded with me (and my friends) to see me again, I refused. She went to the police to make a false allegation of rape for revenge purposes. It also turns out she had done this in the past. I have 10 lever arch files of evidence to support this. The issue is not why did the CPS prosecute her, the question is why was she allowed to make two completely separate false allegations of rape and get away with it [the police] when there was overwhelming evidence against her".

Please pass this to your lawyers.

Kind regards,



The death threat my family received.

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