Saturday 21 June 2014

Miranda de Freitas (David de Freitas wife) starts harassing prosecution witnesses

When Eleanor died I could smell trouble was brewing on the horizon.

It had been about two months since her death and thankfully no media had clocked the death, it hadn't been reported and it was below the radar.

Whilst it was very sad and shocking that she had a died, it did cause me a bit of a dilema, that now I would be unable to prove my innocence. If this got to press then it would be more difficult for me to defend myself. If she was found guilty at trial then it's quite easy to persuade people that you are innocent. You just say that she was found guilty of lying. So I was nervous of press. I was nervous her parents might start becoming angry and thats exactly what started happening.

In June and July her mother Miranda de Freitas started contacting witnesses and sending them threatening messages. The witnesses contacted police who attended her house and gave her a verbal warning but this wasn't the end of it, I could smell trouble on the horizon.

Little did I know that Eleanor's father,  David de Freitas was already planning his attack and to get his revenge, for he blamed me and the CPS for the death of his daughter.

In four months time he would drop a surprise atomic bomb of press that would almost end up killing me.