Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Psychiatric Report

Last week Eleanor's solicitors gave us a copy of Eleanor's psychiatrist report. She had been assessed by a psychiatrist the week before.

It was a damning report. It was written as if the psychiatrist didn't like her.

The report clearly said that she was fit to stand trial and that she was highly intelligent in in a better position than most to understand court proceedings. She was a straight A student having achieved 10 A* grades GCSE and 5 A grades at A level. She wasn't "vulnerable" as her lawyers kept implying.

The really strange thing is why did her lawyers give us this report? It didn't help her at all, in fact it helped the prosecution case.

It seemed really strange. I thought it might have been accidentally given to us by a junior paralegal at the firm representing her. We shall never know.

But it was good news.

With this report she was definitely going to be held accountable for her actions. It said she knew what she was doing and capable of making measured decisions at the time of the allegations.

We immediately sent a copy to the CPS and to the Court for their consideration.

Now we had to wait.

The CPS were meeting with their top legal advisers including Alison Levitt QC to decide what they would do. Would they let us continue the prosecution or would they stop it?

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