Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Crown Court: Eleanor's lawyers trying to block the Private Prosecution

It's now the 25th September, we were in court two weeks ago for the first hearing at Westminster Magistrates.

The case was "sent" to Southwark Crown Court, like all other indictable offences, this is where the serious cases happen. Perverting the Course of Justice is very serious offence and it can only be tried at the Crown Court.

Today was just a preliminary hearing. There will be half a dozen hearings to set out a time table before the case goes to trial.

Witnesses need to be informed of available dates and a certain amount of evidence still needs to be disclosed. The defendant also has the right to ask the police to collect more evidence during this time.

Eleanor lawyers asking the CPS to stop my prosecution:

In the last two weeks Eleanor's 'lawyers have contacted the CPS (Crown Prosecution Service) and asked them to intervene and stop my Private Prosecution.

The CPS have a right to review our case papers and do one of three things:

1. Let us continue the prosecution.
2. Take over and continue it themselves.
3. Take over and stop it.

Their decision will be based on two factors:

1. Evidence.
2. The public interest.

It will be many weeks before the CPS consider what to do. We shall have to wait and see. Despite this being a very serious situation Eleanor is looking very confident in court, again.

Crown Court Fixture for 25th September 2013

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Commital Hearing: Westminster Magistrates Court

Today we had the committal hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court, but it almost didn't happen.

The first stage in a criminal case is to come to court to answer the charge. Today Eleanor simply had to go to court, say her name and address and the charge would be read out. The next stage would happen a few months later. So not very complicated.

If she didn't turn up we would be able not proceed to the next step which would be setting a date for trial. Of course we had already been granted a summons so there was no choice in the matter. If she didn't turn up then she would be arrested and taken to court in by police.

But when my lawyers turned up in court, she wasn't there. Her lawyers gave us a sick note, saying she was too unwell to attend. Really? She can't just come in and say her name?

It was tense. My lawyers spoke to the District Judge and she was given an extension hour to come in. Lo and behold half and hour later there she was full suited and booted and coming across as very confident and cocky.

Her lawyers then ran an "abuse of process" argument, but it failed, the judge found that my Private Prosecution was sound and should go to the next step.

In two weeks time we would be back in court, for a preliminary hearing at Southwark Crown Court on the 25th September.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Police Officer admits he was so sick of Ms de Freitas lies he wanted to "smack her in the face" in secretly recorded telephone call

After having spoken to the police officer who tipped me off to more false accusations (on the 31st August) I wrote to him, asking if he could contact me again. I didn't have his telephone number but I did know the police station where he worked, so I wrote him a note.

It would be amazing if we could get his testimony that Eleanor had gone into a police station and lied again. A week had gone by and I didn't known if he was going to call me back.... when the phone rang.

The officer had called me back.

Now it just so happened that when I got wrongly accused of rape I got all paranoid and installed hidden microphones in my flat. The microphones picked up our conversation andI have a recording of that phone call.

We talked for 20 minutes,

The Policeman repeats what he told me the first time round on August 31st. He tells me that both father and daughter were at the police station a week ago, making various allegations against me and trying to get me arrested.

When I ask him about the details he can not stop himself from saying what he really think of Eleanor. The policeman was really pissed  off with her lies and he did not like her at all.

It was so surreal.

He said Eleanor was a "woodworm" that he could have "smacked he int he face" and that he would like to "hit her on the head".

More importantly he says that she is making up the allegations and trying to "use the police" to make me look bad. He says "There is no evidence of anything". This is good evidence to show that I am once again the victim.

Listen to the full recording here, the police officer starts ranting at around 3 minutes in.