Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Summons Issued: We are ready to go to court

At last we are ready to go to court.

It's now August and this whole saga has been going on for eight long months. The last few months have been particularly tense. Meetings with solicitors, choosing a barrister, getting witness statements and accessing various other evidence from the Police and other 3rd parties including more CCTV evidence.

Tracking down witnesses in particular have been tough but now I think we have 18 or so.

So that's three types of evidence:

1. Witness statements.
2. Text messages and emails.
3. CCTV.

And within each of those categories are multiple sources. This is a rock solid case.

I haven't written much in this blog since March but believe me, we have been beavering away. Putting a prosecution case is very difficult. All the defence need to do is to poke holes in the case, but the prosecution needs to be super tight with no wriggle room.

This afternoon my lawyers sent Eleanor the summons. I am overjoyed. I am now just a few months from clearing my name.

The summons says she will need to attend court on September 11th, which is a month away.

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