Friday 22 March 2013

I have decided to go ahead with the Private Prosecution

Today I wrote the following letter to my MP, telling him that I was going to take action against Eleanor de Freitas and that I was going to make a complaint to the IPCC (Independent Police Complaints Commission) against the Police officers involved.

Gregg Hands MP

House of Commons

London SW1A OAA

22nd March 2013

Dear Gregg Hands,

Re False Rape Allegation

Thank you very much for replying to my letter of the 27th February and inviting me to meet with you. I would like to give you a quick update on my progress.

To recap I was falsely accused of rape in January 2013 and despite having a wealth of evidence to show that the woman was lying, the police dropped the case against me but did not investigate at all and told me to forget about it.

Since I wrote to you I complained to the IPCC about the police’s failure of duty. As a result of this complaint the investigating officer was taken off the case and I have had some two way communication with his superior (DI Julian King) but the case still remains closed and no progress has been made. The woman has to this day not been asked about the visit to the sex shop or text messages showing the opposite to her allegations etc. The officer insists there isn’t enough evidence to open the case, although he says he is keen to speak to a witness (that the accuser spoke to stating the opposite of her allegations) however this person doesn’t want to come forward.

Despite the police’s lack of motivation I am making some good progress. I have the backing of my family to pursue a private (criminal) prosecution and have hired specialist lawyers to do this. We are currently waiting for the police to transfer their files, including interview tapes and other evidence and then we will serve a summons on the woman to answer charges of perverting the course of justice. The lawyers are also gathering more evidence and statements from 3rd parties to help with the case.

Things are gently moving in the right direction and I anticipate that we will be able to issue a summons by the end of April. We also have so much evidence that my legal team think that the woman will enter a guilty plea. However there will probably be obstacles along the way. One tactic will be for the woman’s defense to try to get the DPP to discontinue the case or to get the CPS to take over and stop the case on the grounds that it is “not in the public interest” or that it’s “vexatious” or some other excuse. I am not keen for the CPS to take over because we could end up with prosecutors that aren’t terribly motivated or inexperienced – when compared to my own team. The defense will be aware of this and may try to use this tactic to help themselves.

In the event that the woman pleads guilty and doesn’t challenge the case then things should be plane sailing and I should be able to get my name cleared once and for all in a few months time. However if the woman’s defense tries to get the CPS to take over and stop the case then I will need to rally up some troops and combine it with a good argument (from my lawyers) to keep the private prosecution going. This is where I would ask for your support - if the CPS try to discontinue the case. I have also written to Lord Campbell Savours about my case and he has invited me to discuss things with him next week.

As well as clearing my own name and fighting for justice in general – for the sake of other falsely accused men, I think that people ought to know the barriers facing men of false accusations and how difficult it is in getting their justice.

In my case which is quite possibly one of the most extreme and absurd examples that shows that despite having a wealth of evidence the police can’t be bothered to even ask the accuser about her allegations and re-interview her or do anything to investigate. These are issues that I believe are important for people to be made aware of, especially in this “rape culture” epidemic where all men are supposed to be rapists and every woman is in danger of being raped or assaulted at any given moment during her day be it at work, in a pub in a street and at home. It’s quite simply ridiculous.

If an allegation is made by the man, where he states the woman falsely accused him then we need the police to investigate it regardless of their personal views, even just at the most basic level. It is just so absurd that the woman can make up a story and it is taken seriously even when there is zero evidence but when the man tells his story and even has evidence that shows the woman is lying he is not taken seriously at all and NOTHING is done. Something is very wrong here. There is too much rape paranoia and too many false allegations and a belief that the falsely accused man can just move on with his life as if nothing happened and that men are “strong “and should just have to put up with it. What utter nonsense.

At this moment things are gently progressing in the right direction and I don’t think we need to meet right now, however I would like to keep you up to date with the case as things progress. In the event that the CPS does try to discontinue the case then I would like to meet with you then and ask if you would be able to offer your support (even if just a letter) / and show you more details of the case papers so you can see things with your own eyes and make your own judgment etc.

Your Sincerely,

Alexander Economou

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