Friday 22 February 2013

Today I got angry and frustrated

Ok, so I'd just been NFA'd. And I should be celebrating right?

Wrong. I was very upset because the police won't take action against Ellie.

So what has happened is this. Ellie walked into a police station, tells a story, provides no evidence and the Metropolitan Police arrest me, interview me and search my flat.

But when I give them actual CCTV and text message evidence they tell me to go away.

They won't even record the allegation.

I was mad.

Quite frankly I think her father David de Freitas is an idiot. I warned him that I would be taking legal action even before I got arrested. He must know that his daughter is completely mad, yet he just encourages his daughter to keep lying.

I was off bail and within my legal right to contact Ellie so I sent Ellie and her father a message to let her know that I will be hiring lawyers and will be taking legal action.

And guess what happened next?

The police tell me that threatening legal action is tantamount to harassment. But I am not threatening violence, I am threatening legal action.

The whole thing is mad. See below.

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