Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Police Refuses to Look at Evidence

So the good news is that I was NFA'd the other day (no further action against me).

But it doesn't clear my name.

I'm angry. I'm upset. The last two months have been hell and damage has been done. What about the future? People can say that I have been arrested for rape and the matter is unconcluded, they might say "no smoke without fire". They might say "he got away with it".

My case is an unusual one in that I have a lot of evidence and I really need to the police to prosecute Ellie for what she did to me. I want my name cleared once and for all. Just because the police decide to stop an investigation and take you off bail doesn't mean you are innocent (in the eyes of other people).

So far the Police have refused to take any action against Ellie, even though they know about the evidence against her.

What is really strange is that they are refusing to watch the CCTV.

On the rationale for taking no further action they refer to the CCTV and messages, but they haven't seen it yet. They make their decision having never seen the CCTV.

They don't even want it (see below).

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