Sunday 20 January 2013

More text message evidence: Showing Ellie was bitter about being rejected

Ben's phone had only just come back from the specialist forensics laboratory (to download the contents using approved methods) when another friend had come forward with new text message evidence.

Ellie had been messaging our mutual friend Ann shortly after our date to complain about my rejection.

Quick recap on the dates. Ellie and I went on a date on the 23rd December 2012. I told her I didn't want to see her again the next day when I found out she was a prostitute. On the 26th December she starts to spread rumours to friends that I did something bad to her. On the 4th of January 2013 I send her an email telling her to stop of I'll report her to police for harassment. She goes to police before I can and claims I raped her and I get arrested.

These messages related to the period after I rejected her. They clearly state that she was upset at the rejection. No mention of any rape. In fact she says I was "full of adoration"

QUOTE: (names have been changed)

25 December 2012

I'm now safe with my family. The ambulance people treated me for shock and luckily I had a supply of sleeping pills. Without going into specifics, Ec and I had had a brief fling, encouraged by Ben. I woke up at his yesterday morning and he was full of adoration. Then once I've finished work and I am driving to my family, he calls me up and says I am an uncool manipulative bitch and to never contact him again. Xxxx

I just never want to see him again. I can only assume he was on drugs or something when he spoke to me. It is especially hard because I told him my depression story, then he told me that I was being manipulative and attention seeking. he has also de-friended me on Facebook. I don't understand what I have done wrong. Xxxx


Please see the image from the forensic phone report below (non relevant messages and names have been redacted)

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