Friday 4 January 2013

The day of my arrest

It was Friday and I was agitated. Last night I found out more precisely what  Elie had been saying to my friends. That I had drugged and raped her and wouldn't let her escape from my flat. One of my friends even said they were considering ending our friendship. The rumours were spreading like wildfire.

I thought I would contact her father first of all. Perhaps he could talk some sense into her. I had his number on my phone from when she called him. So I sent him the following text:


03-01-2013 13:18

Dear Mr de Freitas. hello it's Alexander Economou here. Your wife called me the other night and i was wondering if you could give me her phone number as I would like to pass on some more information. many thanks. Alexander

03-01-2013 13:22

Or an email address?


I wait an hour and I did not hear back from him. So I sent Ellie the following email:


From: Alexander Economou
Date: Friday, 4 January 2013 at 13:34
To: Eleanor de Freitas
Subject: <no subject>

Dear Ellie,

I have met with a lawyer this morning with regards to your spreading of false stories and discussed the options available. I have also had extensive talks with zzzz zzzz, zzzz and your mother. From what I have seen and heard from them and others you have accused me of drugging you, you have told them that I regularly drug and assault other girls, you also state that I that use prostitutes, that I imprisoned you, and that I assaulted you etc. You have also said that you would pass my information to others.

This is now a very serious matter. You have spread lies about me to intentionally injure me and damage and stress is being caused. What you have done comes under both criminal law and civil law. In criminal law and the malicious communications act you could be jailed for 6 months for what you have just done. If you continue to lie e.g. to the police and pervert the course of justice, (as you suggested to zzzz and zzzz) then that carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. In civil defamation law you would have financial sanctions and injunctions imposed against you, however I have advised against this at the moment and to leave this for a later date.

Since the only option is the criminal route then, this evening I intend to visit Chelsea police station and file a report against you. That way all the facts are officially on the record. I will pass on all evidence, including all text, fb, messages, statements that others have made, details of all my phone calls with you and third parties, copies of messages from you that others have forwarded to me, the photograph of you and the madam etc. I will also visit Ann Summers and Harrods to get the names of the shop attendants and pass on their names to police as witnesses, as well as passing the names of my friends who you have lied to. And a full report of our evening and day together in every detail.

Alternatively you will contact every person you have lied to, you will retract your lies and tell them the truth and do everything in your power to repair the damage you have caused. If you fix the situation yourself then I can have no legal issues against you and the problem will go away. 

I would urge you to do this right now, because as soon as I leave the office tonight I will take the 14 bus straight to Chelsea Police to file the report, unless I hear otherwise.



At 5pm I had not heard anything from Ellie or her dad David de Freitas. I call the Police and decide to report her for harassment. I call 101 and make enquiries about harassment. I tell them that Ellie has been making malicious lies to my friends and they suggest I make a full statement at the Police Station.

At 535pm I call David de Freitas one more time before I go to the Police Station. There is no answer. So I leave a voicemail telling him that his daughter is spreading lies about me and that I will be attending the police station.

At 6:15pm I bump into a friend near Chelsea police station and tell him I'm going to file a report of harassment against this crazy girl who's been making all these accusations about me. He tells me it happened to a friend of his.

At 6:25pm I arrive at Chelsea Police Station. I start to explain what's been going on and the officer at the front desk searches on the system to find my initial report I made on the telephone. He looks at the computer and asks me to wait in the briefing room opposite the front desk and closes the door. After 5 minutes he opens the door. There are two police offers standing there with their arms crossed.

"Is your name Alexander Economou", one of them asks?

"Yes", I reply.

"Do you a woman called Eleanor de Freitas" , he asks.

"Yes that's the woman I want to make a report about, I called earlier", I say in slight confusion.

There's a silence of five seconds as the officer takes a deep breathe and says: "We've had a report that you invited Eleanor de Freitas for dinner then gave her a drink or a pill, then she doesn't remember anything until she wakes up tied to a bed with semen dripping from her vagina, therefore we're arresting you for rape."

I couldn't believe it. I went silent for thirty seconds and my legs turn to jelly. I told the officers who arrest me that I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I was in total shock. You could have knocked me over with a feather.

They ask me if I have ever been arrested before to which I tell them no and they say, "Well it's a bit of a formal process I'm afraid, we're going to take you  to Notting Hill Police Station for questioning".

A few minutes later I was put into to the back of a custody van and driven to Notting Hill Police

Chelsea police station
Chelsea Police Station, where I was arrested.

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