Saturday, 22 December 2012

The night before my date with Ellie de Freitas and a little background information

By the 22nd December 2012 I had been talking to this girl called Ellie de Freitas on Facebook for two months. Ellie was 22 and I was 33. She was no stranger to me. I had known her cousin Lizzie Noel for five years and we shared many mutual friends. We both lived in the same neighbourhoods in London. She lives in Fulham and I live in Chelsea.

We had been chatting on Facebook messenger nearly every day since I met her at a friends birthday party in October 2012. Technically I had known her as an acquaintance since 2010 but we've never really chatted before then. Ellie is a lot of fun, she is very mischievous. Even though we had never hung out, we had had many laughs over the last two months on messenger. I think we'd probably exchanged around 500 messages, we'd talk daily. Always joking around.

Two weeks before Ellie had asked me for advice with regards to an older guy she was dating. He didn't seem to be very interested and was ignoring her. I gave her some dating tips from the male perspective and then jokingly told her that I charge for my advice and she can repay me in the form of a massage. To my surprise she told me that she would be delighted and that she was in fact a qualified masseuse.

This morning I received a message from her asking "So when are we booking our mutual massage session then?"

I replied suggesting we meet between Christmas and New Year, but she replied "Change your sheets, we're having croissants in bed together tomorrow!"

I thought OK, why not! I like this girl she's fun and who knows what will happen. What I thought was starting off as a friendship could be turning into something more.

Alexander Economou and Eleanor de Freitas 2012
Ellie and I in October 2012 at the birthday party.

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