Saturday 22 December 2012

The night before my date with Ellie de Freitas and a little background information

By the 22nd December 2012 I had been talking to this girl called Ellie de Freitas on Facebook for two months. Ellie was 22 and I was 33. She was no stranger to me. I had known her cousin Lizzie Noel for five years and we shared many mutual friends. We both lived in the same neighbourhoods in London. She lives in Fulham and I live in Chelsea.

We had been chatting on Facebook messenger nearly every day since I met her at a friends birthday party in October 2012. Technically I had known her as an acquaintance since 2010 but we've never really chatted before then. Ellie is a lot of fun, she is very mischievous. Even though we had never hung out, we had had many laughs over the last two months on messenger. I think we'd probably exchanged around 500 messages, we'd talk daily. Always joking around.

The night of the 22nd December 2012 the messages started to turn sexual and Ellie sent me a message saying: "Change your sheets, we're having croissants in bed together tomorrow!"

I thought OK, why not! I like this girl she's fun and who knows what will happen. What I thought was starting off as a friendship could be turning into something more.

Alexander Economou and Eleanor de Freitas 2012
Ellie and I in October 2012 at the birthday party.

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