Saturday, 29 December 2012

A phone call from Ellie's mother

It was around 9pm and I was getting ready to go out to see some friends when the phone rang. It was number withheld and I was wondering who it was.

"Hello this is Miranda de Freitas" the voice said, "I'm Ellie's mother and I wanted to ask you some questions if that's ok?"

"Not really", I said. I was about to go out and see my friends. For the last week Ellie had been spreading rumours to my friends, but now things seemed to be dying down.

Mrs de Freitas politely insisted that we have a conversation, I reluctantly agreed and then she started asking me all sorts of questions about my date with Ellie. I can't remember the most of the conversation but we were on the phone for 20 minutes. Some of it sticks in my mind though.

She said that Ellie had run out of fuel on Christmas eve and was found in hysterics and that she was worried and asked me what had happened. This of course was after I told Ellie I did not want to see her again. I told her that we went on a date and then I had had words with Ellie and said I did not want to see her anymore.

She asked me if I was using protection with Elie, did we use condoms? I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Seriously? The mother of the girl I dated was asking me these most intimate questions, can you imagine? I politely said that it was between me and Ellie and not her business.

Then she asked me about Harrods and asked if I had bought her lots of presents. I told her no, Ellie was buying things in Harrods, not me. She didn't believe me. She asked who had bought the Hermes scarves. I told her it was Ellie. She asked how she was paying and I said cash, although I didn't say wads of cash.

Then I thought you know what, I'm going to tell her. I'm going to tell Mrs de Freitas that her that her daughter is leading a double life as a prostitute because I am sick and tired of being questioned as if I've done something wrong. I'm going to tell her the names of the websites and she can see it for herself. Eleanor is the liar not me. She's the one who's the master of deception and lies about how she earns a living every time she leaves the house.

Just as I'm about to let the cat out of the bag I hear the mother say "Ellie sit down with your father now, sit down!". I think, my god, the whole family are there together. At that moment I couldn't drop the bomb. I couldn't tell her that her daughter was a prostitute. I just didn't have the heart to do it. I stayed silent.

The next question the mother asked was "Did you give Elie a pill?"

I start to think, did she take a pill I ask myself? Perhaps for headache. "No" I reply. This is making me feel very uncomfortable, why is she asking me if I gave her a pill?

"Ellie says you gave her a pill", say the mother more insistently.

I was wracking my brain thinking. Our date was a week ago and I'm trying to remember, then I realise she did take a vitamin c tablet. "She took a vitamin c tablet", I told her. "She was coughing and she asked for vitamin c".

"Are you sure it was vitamin c?" The mother asked.

The blood started to drain away from my body into my feet. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I could see exactly where this line of questioning was going. I felt sick. For the rest of the evening I developed the most horrible headache, thinking what has this girl been saying? I thought she had calmed down since my rejection, but clearly not.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

False accusations to my friends

It was Boxing day at around 11am. I had just dropped off my friend James back in London when I received a text message. It was from Lizzie Noel, Ellie's cousin. It read:


Alex, I have heard some very unsettling and disturbing news about your treatment of my cousin Ellie. She is deeply upset and so am I, you betrayed her trust and took advantage of her. Your behaviour is unacceptable, please desist in contacting any members of my family again.


The blood started to drain away. I thought what has Ellie been saying? My god. I immediately told Lizzie what had happened. I told her Ellie was a prostitute and told her to Google the sex sites, which she did. Once the saw them she apologised realising that Ellie was untrustworthy and a liar. I decided to tell a few friends what had happened, to counter the allegations now going around the place. This is a copy of Facebook message I sent them:


Dear XXX,,

It has been brought to my attention that Ellie de Freitas has been making some potentially serious accusations about me, which I can assure you are not true in any way. I am writing to you guys specifically because I know that you've spent a lot of time with her recently.

Ellie and I met up last Sunday afternoon for a date. It was the strangest and most disturbing date I have ever been on. During our shopping trip to Harrods it was apparent that she had WADS of cash in her bag and even more cash in a "secret compartment" in her car. Perhaps £2000 to £3000. I also noticed she carried sachets of lubricant in her handbag. I became suspicious. In fact my suspicions were true, she is a highly skilled manipulative liar and a prostitute, using her job at Body Shop as a cover for what she really does. She works as an "outcall girl" under the name Portia. Type into google: - Portia tantric massage - and you will see for yourself.

I did not know this at the time and found out 24 hrs later. I just couldn’t believe it but now I know that it's a fact. Yes we did spend the night together, which i now completely regret. The following morning (and I still had no idea) I had to run an errand in High St Ken, for which she came along. We passed by the Ann Summers shop where she insisted on buying half the shop. I had to physically remove half the items from the several baskets. After just 20 minutes of being there she had filled up 4 carrier bags full of sex products, all in all the bill came to just shy of £400.

Then on Christmas eve at around 7pm I received a series of suicide text messages from Ellie saying that she was about to drive very fast on a the most dangerous road in Britain and detailed every aspect of her will in perfect detail, her FB password, her hotmail password, yahoo account, bank account pin codes, where she wanted the funeral to happen, what music, the venue name etc.

I was complete shocked and immediately contacted Lizzie her cousin, who then contacted her father. During the previous night she had told me that was sectioned under the mental heath act earlier this year, for which i thought she was exaggerating or joking. Now I completely believe it.

On receiving the suicide messages and after contacting her cousin Lizzie, I told her that it was best if we did not see each other. The result of which she is extremely upset and now the spreading of false information.

I also want to make it absolutely clear that I had no idea I was about to date such a vulnerable and psychotic person. Had I known it would never have happened. Until that point we had only had casual banter on FB. I have full records should anyone not believe me and want to see with their own eyes.

I also have copies of all text messages to back up my claims and even copies of messages she sent to her father lying to him (from my phone). There also employees in Harrods and in Ann Summers who will speak of her wads of cash and mad spending on sex products.

Finally, I would to assure you that you have no issues with me and that I have acted in a completely gentlemanly way with her and deny her accusations. I hope that you now see the truth, that Ellie is a manipulative liar must be avoided. She is causing stress and nasty emotions and trying to turn you against me. If you don’t believe me then I will be happy to show any of you actual messages to back up any of my claims. I will also be taking proactive action with lawyers should she continue making false claims against me.

It was never my intention to tell anyone. However, now that she is making false information I have to defend myself and for you guys to know the truth. So far only you guys and Lara and Lizzie know about this.

I would urge you to avoid Ellie, but but lets not let this get out into the public domain so would also request you not to tell anyone of these details to make things even more dramatic than they are for her, her family including Lizzie.

I had to tell you guys though though, there was unfortunately no other way. I needed a few people to at least know the truth. i didnt want her lying to cause friction between us.


Hope you had a good Christmas and see you soon.



Monday, 24 December 2012

Crazy messages

I was still on my sofa, only having just discovered that my date was a prostitute 10 minutes before when a long text message arrived on my phone.

It was from Ellie. It said that she was about to drive on the "most dangerous road in Britain" and gave details of her funeral arrangements, her passwords to bank accounts and list of her possessions. "You are the solicitor" it said.

Here is a copy of the exact message (personal info has been removed):


Safety deposit number 216. Metro bank fulham broadway. Key in my knicker draw. £2k in my bedside drawer. Size 5 shoes to my mother. 1k to my dog Ruby. The rest on my parents Miranda and David de Freitas of zzzzzzz. Intestacy apart from that. You are the solicitor. Spice girls "Goodbye" at my funeral. And "All things Bright and Beautiful". No flowers, party dress, no black, shots of tequila and the wake at  zzzzzzz. Music to Miss Christina zzzzz and Miss Lara zzzzzz. Clothes to be divided equally amongst all those with size 12 dress size. All bras and Pepperberry bespoke dresses and clothing to Miss Eleanore zzzzzz of Parsons Green. Facebook and Twitter password is zzzzz All to be deleted after all photos printed. Gmail password is the same. Hotmail is zzzzz Donations to Road safety and Look Good Feel Better. Nationwide acct pin is zzzzz. Barclays Premier zzzzz. Diamonds under my mattress to my Aunt Miss Emily zzzzz. Jewellery to my goddaughter Miss Dizzy zzzzz. Black clothes and suits to go to Miss Tomassina zzzzz. This is my last will and testament. I am of sound mind. I appoint Raksha zzzzzz of Wembley to divide up my possessions according to Intestacy. Eleanor Poppy Miranda de Freitas of zzzz. About to drive very fast on the most dangerous road in Britain


What the hell was going on? I was already in shock about finding out she was a prostitute and now this?

I was concerned. I asked her if I should contact her father (because his number was still on my phone) and she replied no. I decided to contact her cousin Lizzie Noel and forwarded her the message that I had received. Lizzie got back to me within a few minutes and said that Ellie had been "joking". I was so annoyed.

Just as I was exchanging a few text messages with Lizzie I received a call from Ellie. She acted as if everything was fine, that everything was totally ok. She was asking in a joyous and playful tone "So, tell me about where you're going to be spending Christmas, how do the Economou's celebrate Christmas....".

She was acting as if everything is ok. It turned out she was actually in her car outside her fathers house about to drive to her grandmothers for Christmas. She had me on loud speaker and I could hear her father approaching the car. "Is everything ok", he said. Lizzie had contacted him.

She reassured him everything was fine and he gave her directions on how to get to the Grandmothers. He did not know I was listening on the car loudspeaker. After a minute he went back into the house and Ellie and I continued our conversation.

I was so annoyed at her. Firstly there was sex sites which I found shocking and disgusting and now this manipulative "suicide hoax". She had everyone running around asking if she was ok.

We spoke for a minute or two and I told her the text messages were manipulative and attention seeking and not cool. I was really pissed off with her and told her that I would not be seeing her again. Then I hung up on her. I didn't tell her I had discovered the sex sites, I kept that to myself.

At 8pm I collected my friend James and we drove down to my fathers house where we'd be spending Christmas. I told James all bout my date with Ellie, the tantric massages, the sex sites, the cash in Harrods, the £338 of sex toys and suicide hoax messages I had just received. He was listening to me in disbelief as Iwent over everything for the hour long drive.

We arrived at my fathers house and I checked my Facebook. Ellie had uploaded a post of her at a petrol station with a magazine in her mouth referring to a "fucking arrogant cunt that upset me". I was thinking my god, I made the right choice. This person is bad news and I need to stay away from her.

See the post below. Read the text....

Eleanor de Freitas facebook messages

Eleanor de Freitas facebook messages

I find out that Ellie is an escort and decide to end the relationship.

It was Christmas eve at around 630pm and I was sitting on my sofa surfing the internet, waiting to pick up my friend James who was going to spend Christmas with me. Just a few hours before I was on my date with Ellie. For some reason I decided to type into Google: "Portia tantric massage". I was starting to have suspicions and the penny suddenly dropped.

The following thoughts had been running through my head all day:


1. When we were in Harrods Ellie had wads of cash. Thousands of pounds.

2. When were were talking about pen names she had told me about how she went by the name of Portia sometimes, but with no specific context.

3. I noticed sachets of lube in her handbag. Lots of these little sachets. Yet she was 22 not post menopausal.

4. She was going on and on about tantric massages.

5. The night before our date she had told me she was "at the house of a madam having a lesson" I thought she was joking but maybe she's serious?

I did a few searches for Portia Tantric Massage and there she was all over these sex sites (which have since been deleted). I couldn't believe what I was seeing. I was in shock. I just stared at the websites in disbelief. I could not believe that my date was a prostitute. She came from what I thought was a decent family, was privately educated and highly intelligent. It was a total shock.

Eleanor de Freitas aka escort Godess Portia
This is what I discovered on the internet shortly after our first date.

My date with Ellie de Freitas

Ellie came round as planned to my flat at around 1pm, we had lunch and then went to Harrods so she could do some Christmas shopping. Whilst we were in Harrods I noticed she had these wads of cash. Perhaps £2000 and I was thinking this is a little strange to carry around so much cash. Especially that she works at the Body Shop.

After Harrods we come back to my flat around 5pm. She realised she left her phone in her car and asked if she could make a phone call using my phone. She called her father and told him where she was.  She lives with her parents so this seemed normal. After the phone call she asked if she could take a shower and came back wearing one of my shirts and little else.

After a few hours of talking, we start kissing and fooling around. We ended up having sex and I was surprised by how sexually confident she was. We had hardly drunk anything, just one small bottle of cider each. 

We had a shower together and went to my bedroom where she gave me a "tantric massage". By then it was midnight and then started to chat.

Just before 2am she suddenly realises that her dad might be trying to reach her. We check my phone (which was on silent) and he has left a number of concerned voicemails and text messages. She messages him back, he replies and they exchange a few more messages together. After a little while we fall asleep in my bed.

We wake up at 830am as I need to put money in the parking meter, so her car doesn't get a ticket. I come back with her phone and Ellie starts texting various friends who have been texting her the last 12 hours. I make a little breakfast, we chat and we joke about getting a sex toy. Specifically a vibrating egg. At 11am we leave my flat having decided to go to sex shop, to buy the vibrating egg.

We arrive at Ann Summers, on Kensington High Street, at around 1130am. She goes in first whilst I finish my cigarette. I come in a minute later and Ellie is literally buying the entire shop. Every minute that goes by she is placing another item into the basket or giving it to the shop assistant. I am trying to get her to slow down, I thought we were going to by a single vibrating egg. But no. When the bill arrives it's £338. Yes you heard me right. I think she spent £60 on lube alone. What 22 year old needs lube?  I reluctantly pay on my card and Ellie gives me half in cash. We leave the shop with 4 carrier bags full of sex toys.

I drove Ellie back to Chelsea to pick up her car and we part company. Tomorrow would be Christmas day so I would't see her for a few days. I was kind of relived.

I liked Ellie but she was turning out to be a bit weird, especially buying all those sex toys and this was just the first date. It was getting all a bit too intense. Some photos of our shopping trip to Ann Summers below.

Eleanor de Freitas and Alexander Economou in Ann Summers
Ellie de Freitas buys sex toys in Ann Summers

Eleanor de Freitas and Alexander Economou shopping in Ann Summers
In Ann Summers at 11:25am on 24th December 2012

Saturday, 22 December 2012

The night before my date with Ellie de Freitas and a little background information

By the 22nd December 2012 I had been talking to this girl called Ellie de Freitas on Facebook for two months. Ellie was 22 and I was 33. She was no stranger to me. I had known her cousin Lizzie Noel for five years and we shared many mutual friends. We both lived in the same neighbourhoods in London. She lives in Fulham and I live in Chelsea.

We had been chatting on Facebook messenger nearly every day since I met her at a friends birthday party in October 2012. Technically I had known her as an acquaintance since 2010 but we've never really chatted before then. Ellie is a lot of fun, she is very mischievous. Even though we had never hung out, we had had many laughs over the last two months on messenger. I think we'd probably exchanged around 500 messages, we'd talk daily. Always joking around.

The night of the 22nd December 2012 the messages started to turn sexual and Ellie sent me a message saying: "Change your sheets, we're having croissants in bed together tomorrow!"

I thought OK, why not! I like this girl she's fun and who knows what will happen. What I thought was starting off as a friendship could be turning into something more.

Alexander Economou and Eleanor de Freitas 2012
Ellie and I in October 2012 at the birthday party.