The evidence that shows I am innocent

1. Director of Public Prosecutions says there was STRONG EVIDENCE in the case against Ms de Freitas.

On 9th December 2014, the Director of Public Prosecutions made the following public statement confirming there was strong evidence that Ms de Freitas had lied.


"it is clear there was sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction for perverting the course of justice. This was evidence including text messages and CCTV footage that directly contradicted the account Ms de Freitas gave to the police. This was not assumption based on her behaviour or actions which fall into myths and stereotypes about how alleged rape victims should behave. It was on this basis that we concluded that there was a realistic prospect of proving that the rape allegation made by Ms de Freitas was false..."

2. Ms de Freitas caught on CCTV buying  SEX TOYS the day AFTER the alleged rape, with me, the supposed attacker.

This CCTV shows Ms de Freitas buying £340 worth of SEX TOYS, the morning AFTER the alleged rape. At 40 seconds into the video you can see her choosing vibrators. Not only can you see her clearly buying sex toys with me, we can be seen together laughing and kissing. This evidence was particularly absurd and contradicted everything she told the police. The footage is recorded at 11:30am on 24th December 2012.

NB. You can read about this crazy shopping trip in my blog entry back in December 2012.

3. Ms de Freitas sent text messages to a friend saying "We've had huge fun together" and "I like Ec, a good match" just hours after the alleged rape.

Here are a few text messages below, from the prosecution case. The copies are from forensic phone reports which were to be used at trial.

In the below messages Ms de Freitas tells a friend we had "huge fun together", at 11:19am 24th December 2012. She claimed to have been raped the night before. (Read from conversation from the bottom of the page going upwards).

A conversation between Eleanor de Freitas and a 3rd party the morning after the alleged rape. Starts from bottom of page.

In the messages below, Ms de Freitas Ms de Freitas explains to another friend: "we had a brief fling... I woke up at his and he was full of adoration"

and then complains she that I broke off the relationship saying: "I just never want to see him again... he has defriended me on facebook".

Eleanor de Freitas explains why she is upset to a friend. No mention of rape. The truth is she was rejected and felt bitter.

4. "Vulnerable" Eleanor was in fact a high class escort who was leading a secret double life.

Eleanor was actually living a secret double life as a prostitute (pictured below) called Portia. This was one of many websites I found. She was well versed in the arts of deception and was far from innocent. She would have had to lie to people all the time to cover her tracks. It was after I found out she was a prostitute that I ended the relationship.

She then became bitter (not knowing why I ended things) and made a false accusation to the police 10 days later as revenge.

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