Saturday, 30 September 2017

Police to face Misconduct Hearing

Nearly five years after my complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) the officers who investigated the rape allegations, Detective Inspector Julian King and Detective Constable Phil Dial, are facing a formal misconduct hearing.

The reason that I took out a Private Prosecution against Eleanor in the first place was that the police refused to investigate her for lying, despite there being a mountain of strong evidence.

This report is really important because it contradicts everything Mr de Freitas was saying to the press. The truth was the Police Officers did not do a proper job.

The report says the Police Officers:

1. Refused to watch CCTV evidence.
2. Never examined the telephone downloads which contained crucial text messages.
3. Never asked Ms de Freitas about inconsistencies in her story.
4. Did not speak to important witnesses.
5. "Told Mr Economou to go away and collect the evidence himself"

This was also reported by the Daily Mail, see it here. The officers will face a public misconduct hearing at a later date and more details will emerge then.

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

David de Freitas faces bankruptcy

In an extraordinary turn of events I have just found out that David de Freitas is now facing bankruptcy himself.

What on earth is going on?

Almost a year ago Mr de Freitas had issued bankruptcy proceedings against me. The petition was based on an order to make an interim payment of £400,000 costs in the libel case which I had lost. I hadn't paid the £400,000 and so they were chasing me for bankruptcy.

There had been several hearings and the bankruptcy petition had been adjourned again and again, this was because I was appealing the judgement.

We were due to have another hearing on the 26th September 2017 at 11am at the Rolls Building of the High Court.

It was going to be very simple. I had agreed with Mr de Freitas lawyers to an adjourn the petition until after the appeal, which was fairly logical. The appeal is on April 17-18 2018, so we would adjourn after then.

On the morning of the 26th September off I went to the High Court. I had some time to kill so I paid £11 to do some searches on the court database of bankruptcy petitions etc. I wanted to see what my case looked like on the system.

And then I thought, well lets just type David de Freitas into the system and see what happens.

And then guess what? I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

It turned out that HMRC had made a statutory demand against Mr de Freitas the month before, for alleged unpaid taxes. How weird was this?

Even weirder still when I checked the courts listings his case was the same day. His case was being heard one hour after mine as 12pm and in the same court room.

So the guy who has been trying to bankrupt me is now facing bankruptcy himself. The whole thing was truly bizarre.

For the sake of accuracy I must say that I don't actually know the outcome of Mr de Freitas case. As far as I know he is not bankrupt, but it is correct to say he is fighting early stages of bankruptcy action by HMRC. All I know is that HMRC made a statutory demand, which is the first stage in bankruptcy proceedings, regarding £90,0000 of unpaid taxes, he had made an application to have it set aside and I believe that the application is what was being heard that day. The outcome is not know yet.

David de Freitas name pops up on the computer screen.

Both our names are on the same cause list for 26th September 2017

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Good News: Appeal listed for 17 April 2018

Good news. The libel case is going to an appeal which will be heard 17-18 April 2018. Click here to see details of the appeal listing.

In June we had a short one hour hearing to lift the £400,000 condition to appeal. The judge ruled that I didn't have to pay the £400,000, but unfortunately ruled that I had to pay £120,000 as security.

Despite the good news I am grumpy about the £120,000. Quite frankly this condition to pay £120,000 to appeal is deeply unfair. In the last 5 years I have paid out over £1m in legal fees trying to defend my name. My flat is mortgaged up to the hilt and I have pretty much run out of money. I am going for broke on this now.

Whilst at the same time David de Freitas is represented by an army of lawyers who are on a "no win no fee" arrangement. If I lose they will charge me double fees at over £1200 per hour as their "success fee".

These are specialist lawyers, his lead counsel is Manual Barca QC who is in the top 10 defamation lawyers in the country as well as another junior barrister and 4 other solicitors. To date David de Freitas has spent absolutely nothing on legal fees; he had publicly accused me of raping his daughter; got away with it; drained me of cash and now holding me to ransom again.

If David de Freitas loses, well he won't pay me anything because he has no money in the first place. If I win then I still lose. I only took David de Freitas to court because he would not shut up and continued accusing me of rape for months. What else was I supposed to do? Let him continue to accuse me of rape and roll over like a dog?

Ok, end of rant. But it does pose a lot of questions about the justice system. If you are innocent and publicly accused of rape then be prepared to sacrifice everything you've got, to just try to get your life back.

The fight will continue to clear my name. It will continue on April 17th 2018.